My grandfather Dennis Edward Donahue descends from a family that came from Ireland to America 3 generations before him. I’ve traced the family back 5 generations to my great x 4 grandparents Micheal & Eliza Donahue who came to America after their son at an old age. Their son, my great x 3 grandfather Dennis Donahue, and his wife Julia Ryan started out in the eastern Unites States- namely Massachusetts, and then moved to the American prarie states of Wisconsin and Minnesota to farm with the government offering of cheap land.  Their son, my great x 2 grandfather  Dennis Edward, was born in Wisconsin but settled and married Hannah Sullivan in Minnesota. Their son Edward Donahue, my great grandfather, moved from the family farm in Olmstead Minnesota to Canada at age 17, where he and his wife Clara Rasmussen settled with their family in Saskatchewan.

The stories of these individuals can be accessed through the Donahue drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

The spelling of their name has been Americanized and appears different from person to person on federal documents throughout the 3 early American generations: sometimes it is “Donohoe” and “Donoghue” or “Donohoo”. The original Anglicized spelling would have been “Donohoe” which in turn comes from the early Irish “O’Donnchadha” which would be pronounced “oh-Donn-a-chu”.

Anyone who believes they are from this family is encouraged to contact me or leave a comment.

5 responses to “Donahue

  • Cory Eklund

    Dennis Donahue and Julia Ryan’s Daughter, Elizabeth is my Great Great Grandmother her daughter Catherine was my great grandmother. Elizabeth died when Catherine was young, and Catherine was raised by her aunt, Mary. Elizabeth and her husband John were friends with the Mayo brothers in Minnesota and when the next generation was sick, they would frequently train back to Minnesota to get treated.

    This is very exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  • A Donahue

    Wow I wonder if I’m part of this tree? My last name is Donahue and my grandpa’s name is Edward Donahue. How do you go about finding all this out?

  • Frances

    I do not know if I am related to THIS Donahue family but my grandmother, Beryl Gladys Meisner (formerly Beryl Gladys Donahue) is my grandmother.

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